October 25, 2014


Let the Halloween Festivities begin!! We took our happy witch and little firefighter to MJ's school event for a little fun, and that is just what they had :)

Abby is a trick-or-treating pro and Ben had it down pat by the end.

And Who knew we had TWO dancers on our hands?

YouTube Video

Happy Halloween!!

September 01, 2014

Where Does Time Go???

I am thirty-hummmm....thirty-six years old.  Yes, I had to stop and count on my fingers the years because I can not seem to remember my age now that I am over 33.  This supports my daily question of "where does time go?"????  Often that is accompanied by one of these statements/questions: What day is it, How old am I, He/she is X years old, It's what time, It's already X o'clock, It's (insert month) already, The last time I blogged was how long ago, and so on.  I'm am sure you often feel the same way!!

Honestly though, this past year has simply dissipated before my very eyes!!!

It has in fact been a VERY busy year for us.  I'm sure you have gathered by now that we did in fact sell our home and purchase another one.  Along with that purchase came the packing, moving, storing, remodeling, moving, unpacking, wisdom teeth surgery, hospitalization, flooding, repacking, removing, re-remodeling, redecorating/updating our decor, finding a new preschool for Abby, and a little bit of sleeping here and there.  (Details to come on another page in the distant future...lets be realistic here!).

Mixed in with all of that was the day to day life of  Husband and Wife as well as a 4 and 2is year old. Some how we managed to enjoy the holidays, sneak in a trip to Florida in February, and celebrate Ben's 2nd birthday.  I hope to catch up on documenting all of that here on the Blog but I do have to admit that I have been VERY BAD at getting much on camera let a lone being organized about it.  I am praying that in the end I can pull it all together. I especially hope so for Ben's sake!!!  Poor guy is a victim of "Second Child Syndrome" (that is a real thing, right?????) as well as a victim of this move and remodel!!!

Here is a RANDOM sampling of pictures of the last year as a teaser:



January 24, 2014

No Snowday Blues Here

This is what our snowday looks like:

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

As you can see Abby is in love with the movie "Frozen". Thankfully she has learned more words to the "Let it Go"! And Ben, he LOVES to copy sis! He sings with her all the time. These two definitely love each other.

A Ballerina is Born

Abby is officially a ballerina! She was excited for her first real lesson.

At home getting ready:

We are there!

Outside the blue door waiting for Miss Natlie

Lucky for us it was "watch week" and I captured this video:

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

August 09, 2013

Offers, Appraisal, Inspection--Oh MY!

Ladies and Gentlemen...we are waist deep it this house selling thing!  Our realtor called us on 8/4 (our anniversary...) to let us know that we had an offer come in.  Needless to say we were happy to hear that just 15 days in.  Being that we are on a main road, next to a daycare and there are high-tension power lines close by we were concerned that it might take a little while (none of that is really an issue for us but could be for many).  We had another showing later that day and lucky us, a second offer!  We decided to go with the first one, but it sure was a good feeling to know that more than one person wanted our house :)  

At this point, I'm trying not to get too excited because I know that an offer is just the first hurtle to get over.  The appraisal is tomorrow and the inspection is on Monday, so we could use a few prayers this weekend....

August 07, 2013

Watch Out World (At Least, Sis)

Ben is on his way to walking!! He has been testing his legs while holding on to just one finger and doing laps around the coffee table/footstool with minimal touching for awhile now. But with the latest round of Strep putting him down and out this week we haven't seen him trying to do much more than cuddle. But today, that all changed when Ben took his first series of unassisted steps! I'm sure it won't be long before he is RUNNING around like a crazy man! So fun!!!

YouTube Video

July 24, 2013

For Sale

I have been MIA (once again) but with good reason this time.  I have FINALLY accomplished on of the goals I have had for years and it has taken five weeks of sorting, cleaning, purging and fixing every room in our house.  All to get it ready for this moment:

And truthfully, I can't believe it is here!  MJ and I have been debating to sell the house for a few years now and it looks like it just might be a good time to do so.  Everyone asks "where are you going?" and honestly, we are not sure at the moment.  But we do know that we would like to move into a subdivision, have a little less house to clean, and hopefully be a little closer to MJ's work.  Things are selling pretty fast but, we really can't start looking until we get an offer. So for now, we just wait and keep the place CLEAN!

Wish us luck! And, no the kids do not come with the house ;)

July 01, 2013

June 01, 2013

Watch Out, Here He Comes

Summertime fun is here for sure! The kids are playing at Gramps and Grandma's house today and are having a blast! Take a look for yourself:

YouTube Video

Don't blink or you will miss Abby speeding by! It's amazing to think about how much they learn in such a short time.

Happy Saturday to you and your's :)